9.2.125 Protected E-UTRA Resource Indication

36.4233GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN)Release 17TSX2 Application Protocol (X2AP)

This IE indicates the resources allocated for E-UTRA DL and UL reference and control signals (hereby referred to as protected resources). This information is used in the process of E-UTRA – NR Cell Resource Coordination.

IE/Group Name



IE type and reference

Semantics description


Assigned Criticality

Activation SFN


INTEGER (0..1023)

Indicates from which SFN of the receiving node the resource allocation is valid.

Protected Resource List


The protected resource pattern is continuously repeated, and it is valid until stated otherwise or until replaced by a new pattern. The pattern does not apply in reserved subframes.



>Protected Resource List Item


Each item describes one transmission pattern. A pattern may comprise several control signals.

>>Resource Type


ENUMERATED (downlinknonCRS,CRS,uplink…)

Indicates whether the protected resource is E-UTRA DL non-CRS, E-UTRA CRS or E-UTRA UL.

>>Intra-PRB Protected Resource Footprint


BIT STRING (84, …)

The bitmap of REs occupied by the protected signal within one PRB. Each position in the bitmap represents an RE in one PRB; value "0" indicates "resource not protected", value "1" indicates "resource protected". The first bit of the string corresponds to the RE with the smallest time and frequency index in the PRB, where the indexing first goes into the frequency domain. The length of the bit string equals the product of and the length of PRB in time dimension, measured in REs. is defined in TS 36.211 [10]. The intra-PRB pattern consisting of all "1"s is equivalent to PRB-level granularity.

>>Protected Footprint Frequency Pattern


BIT STRING(6..110, …)

The bit string indicates in which PRBs inside carrier bandwidth the Intra-PRB Protected Resource Footprint applies. How often in time dimension this frequency pattern applies, depends on time periodicity of Intra-PRB Protected Resource Footprint. The first bit of the bit string corresponds to the PRB occupying the lowest subcarrier frequencies of the carrier bandwidth, where the indexing first goes into the frequency domain. Each position in the string represents a PRB; value "0" indicates " Intra-PRB Protected Resource Footprint does not appear in PRB", value "1" indicates "Intra-PRB Protected Resource Footprint appears in PRB". The length of the bit string equals the number of PRBs in the carrier bandwidth.

>>Protected Footprint Time Pattern


The description of time periodicity of the Intra-PRB Protected Resource Footprint.

>>>Protected Footprint Time-periodicity


INTEGER(1..320, …)

Periodicity with which the periodic Intra-PRB Protected Resource Footprint repeats in time-dimension (1= every PRB (i.e. slot), 2=every other PRB (i.e. slot) etc.

>>>Protected Footprint Start Time


INTEGER(1..20, …)

The time-position of the PRB inside the frame in which the periodic Intra-PRB Protected Resource Footprint appears for the first time. The value "1" corresponds to the receiving node’s slot 0 in subframe 0 in the receiving node’s radio frame where SFN = Activation SFN.

MBSFN Control Region Length



Length of control region in MBSFN subframes. Expressed in REs, in the time dimension.

PDCCH Region Length



Length of PDCCH region in regular subframes. Expressed in REs, in the time dimension.

Range bound



Maximum no. protected resource patterns. Value is 16.