22.1.4 Call completion supplementary service co-ordinator process for the HLR

29.0023GPPMobile Application Part (MAP) specificationRelease 17TS

The MAP co-ordinator process in the HLR to handle a dialogue opened with the callCompletion application context is shown in figure 22.1/4. The MAP process invokes a macro not defined in this clause; the definition of this macro can be found as follows:

Receive_Open_Ind see clause 25.1.1.

Figure 22.1/1 (sheet 1 of 2): Process SS_Coordinator_MSC

Figure 22.1/1 (sheet 2 of 2): Process SS_Coordinator_MSC

Figure 22.1/2 void

Figure 22.1/3: Process SS_Coordinator_HLR

Figure 22.1/4: Process CC_Coordinator_HLR