21.4A Inter MSC Group Call Info Retrieval

29.0023GPPMobile Application Part (MAP) specificationRelease 17TS

21.4A.1 General

The message flow for successful inter MSC group call info retrieval is shown in figure 21.4A/1.

Figure 21.4A/1: Message flow for inter MSC group call info retrieval

21.4A.2 Process in the MSC

The MAP process in the MSC to retrieve and group call information is shown in figure 21.4A/2. The MAP process invokes macros not defined in this clause; the definitions of these macros can be found as follows:

Receive_Open_Cnf see clause 25.1.2;

Check_Confirmation see clause 25.2.2.

Receive_Open_Ind see clause 25.1.2;

Figure 21.4A/2 (sheet 1 of 2): Process Group_Call_Info_Retrieval_MSC

Figure 21.4A/2 (sheet 2 of 2): Process Group_Call_Info_Retrieval_MSC