19.5A CSS Insert Subscriber Data macros

29.0023GPPMobile Application Part (MAP) specificationRelease 17TS

19.5A.1 Macro Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data_Framed_CSS

This macro is used to transfer CSG subscriber data from the CSS to the VLR or the SGSN as part of an existing dialogue for VCSG location updating. The macro invokes a macro and a process not defined in this clause; the definitions of the macro and the process can be found as follows:

Wait_For_Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data_Cnf see clause 25.7.9;

Send_Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data_CSS: see clause 25.7.10.

The CSS may wait for each MAP_INSERT_SUBSCRIBER_DATA request to be acknowledged before it sends the next request, or it may handle the requests and the confirmations in parallel.

If the VLR or the SGSN has indicated that it does not support a service or feature which the CSS operator regards as essential for the subscriber, the macro Wait_for_Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data_Cnf takes the Replace_Service exit.

If the CSS operator does not regard the unsupported service or feature as essential for the subscriber but the macro Wait_for_Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data_Cnf takes the Replace_Service exit, the CSS sends the data for a replacement service in a subsequent MAP_INSERT_SUBSCRIBER_DATA request.

Figure 19.5A/1: Macro Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data_Framed_CSS