7.2.8 MTC Monitoring

22.3683GPPRelease 17Service requirements for Machine-Type Communications (MTC)Stage 1TS

The MTC Feature MTC Monitoring is intended for monitoring MTC Device related events.

For the MTC Monitoring MTC Feature:

– The system shall provide mechanisms to detect the following events:

– behaviour which is not aligned with activated MTC Feature(s)

– change of the association between the ME and the USIM

– loss of connectivity. The maximum time between the actual loss of connectivity occurred and the loss of connectivity detected shall be configurable per subscription.

– communication failure events of the UE visible to the network (e.g. for troubleshooting)

– change of the location (geographical position and/or point of attachment in the network) of the MTC Device.

Note 1: Loss of connectivity means it is no longer possible to establish signalling between the MTC Device and the network.

Note 2: The maximum detection time is on the order of 1 minute to 1 hour.

– The MTC Subscriber shall be able to define which of the above events will be detected.

– Upon the above event detection, the network shall be able to:

– provide a warning notification to the MTC Server;

– limit the services provided to the MTC Device (e.g. reduce allocated resource).

– The MTC User shall be able to define what occurs when an event is detected.

– The MTC Device shall be able to transfer other event notification to the MTC Server where the event detection is out of 3GPP scope, for example, the loss of signal reception, notification when the MTC Device power level is lower than a threshold.

Note 3: Loss of signal reception refers to a situation when a MTC Device can no longer receive the network which could be due to interference (e.g. from a jammer or other source) or other reasons.