7.2.5 Small Data Transmissions

22.3683GPPRelease 17Service requirements for Machine-Type Communications (MTC)Stage 1TS

The MTC Feature Small Data Transmissions is intended for use with MTC Devices that send or receive small amounts of data.

For the Small Data Transmissions MTC Feature:

– The system shall support transmissions of small amounts of data with minimal network impact (e.g. signalling overhead, network resources, delay for reallocation).

– Before transmission of small amount of data, the MTC Device may be attached or detached to/from the network.

Note 1: "Transmission" implies either sending or receiving small amount of data.

– The 3GPP system shall be able to count the number of small data transmissions per subscription e.g. for charging or statistical purposes.

Note 2: observed size of many of the instances of data exchanges is on the order of 1K (1024) octets

Note 3: Charging and accounting of small data transmissions between operators can be done on a bulk basis.