7.2.7 Infrequent Mobile Terminated

22.3683GPPRelease 17Service requirements for Machine-Type Communications (MTC)Stage 1TS

The MTC Feature Infrequent Mobile Terminated is intended for use with MTC Devices that mainly utilize mobile originated communications.

For the Infrequent Mobile Terminated MTC Feature:

– The network operator shall be able to reduce the frequency of mobility management procedures per MTC Device.

– The network shall be able to maintain information on when the MTC Device is not reachable for mobile terminated communications. The network shall not trigger the MTC Device when it is known to be unreachable, and instead may inform the MTC Server that the MTC Device is not reachable.

Note: With the Infrequent Mobile Terminated MTC Feature, the network operator should be able to minimize mobility management due to MTC Device movement .