4 Overview of system optimizations for machine-type communications

22.3683GPPRelease 17Service requirements for Machine-Type Communications (MTC)Stage 1TS

Machine-type communication is a form of data communication which involves one or more entities that do not necessarily need human interaction.

A service optimized for machine type communications differs from a service optimized for Human to Human communications. Machine-type communications is different to current mobile network communication services as it involves:

  1. different market scenarios,
  2. data communications,
  3. lower costs and effort,
  4. a potentially very large number of communicating terminals with,
  5. to a large extent, little traffic per terminal.

For the purpose of the present document, the term MTC is used for the purpose to describe use-cases and illustrate the diverse characteristics of machine-type communication services.

The informative annex A gives an overview of MTC use-cases which also illustrate different overload scenarios which will require overload control functions to prevent overload and to differentiate between services offered to different subscribers with different service requirements. In particular, certain MTC services and MTC applications, as exemplified in annex B, are more tolerant and can accept a lower level of performance requirements for its communication services. However, some MTC services will have similar service requirements as current mobile network communication services.