A.7 Use case: Selective update based on capability lists

22.2593GPPService requirements for Personal Network Management (PNM)Stage 1TS

Alice has a home PAN or UE where her video device (sink) has been registered as a PNE at the PNM. Alice is traveling to her office, and has registered her UE to the PN. For all video services she has chosen her video device as the terminating device, where it can be recorded for future viewing. She has also requested the PN service to update her on PN settings based on the service she is interested in (video devices, audio devices, printing devices, other services). For some reason, her video device (TE) becomes unavailable (Eg: power goes down or switched off by somebody else or network down.etc). The home PAN or UE deactivates this video device (TE) and makes the PN service aware of this deactivation. The PN service then lets Alice know of this event based on the capability list she has chosen.

As an effect, Alice after receiving this update may change her video terminating settings to her own UE.