A.2 Use case of UE-PN connection

22.2593GPPService requirements for Personal Network Management (PNM)Stage 1TS

Personal UE Networks security requirements state that registration of a PNE to a PN requires the consent of the owner of the USIM associated with the PLMN. The description here concerns access of a Personal Network by a PNE external to that Personal Network. In the case of user A wishing to allow PNE B to register into his PN as a Guest UE, the user controls access to his PN, in other words PNM protects the privacy of A’s PN. For example in figure 6, PNE B (ME) may only be allowed to access TE A1 and this is controlled by the user, and enabled by procedures. PNE B may access A’s PN by appropriate means, e.g. an "invite function".

Figure 6: Use case for UE-PN connection