A.4 Use case for connection between guest UE and PN

22.2593GPPService requirements for Personal Network Management (PNM)Stage 1TS

The Guest UE is registered into the PN after authentication mechanisms. This use case describes an example where the Guest UE belongs to a different service provider. Once registered into the PN, the Guest UE is allowed to access the PN, based on access control procedures set by the PN user for the particular Guest UE. For example, in fig 10 given below, the Guest UE is allowed to access the video service that the PN of the PNE holding the (U)SIM offers. That is the Guest UE is chosen for the termination of the specific service of video that the PN offers, The PNM facilitates this by secure authentication, registration and routing of the Guest UE.

Figure 10: Guest UE registered in PN