A.1 Use case: Connection between PNEs of a PN

22.2593GPPService requirements for Personal Network Management (PNM)Stage 1TS

PNM allows the communication between a PNE and PNEs of other UEs/PANs belonging to the same PN. For this purpose it shall be possible to establish a secure link between the PNEs of a PN. This is enabled by establishing secure links among locally connected devices of a PAN. In the example in figure 4 the PNEs have established a secure link. Through this secure link, a user is able to gain access from the ME in UE1 to the TE in UE2 at home and monitor the heating or burglar alarm system while away from home, therefore enabling the ME to be the active PNE for termination of the alarm service remotely. Figure 5 explains the secure PNE-PNE communications.

The TE in UE2 has an own PNE Identifier that allows the ME in UE1 to identify and to directly communicate with the TE.

Figure 4: Use case for connection between the devices of a PN

Figure 5: Connection between the PNEs