H.6.3 Service flows

22.2283GPPRelease 16Service requirements for the Internet Protocol (IP) multimedia core network subsystem (IMS)Stage 1TS

Jane accesses the tax advisor web site from her browser by clicking on the HELP button, which executes the WebRTC-based application along with the WebRTC IMS client functions needed for access to IMS.

Jane engages in an unsecured chat session with her tax advisor to resolve a question on completing her tax forms. This chat session is hosted by IMS and does not provide end to end security.

While continuing the chat session, Jane opens an audio connection with her tax advisor as the discussion becomes more complex. Since both endpoints are WebRTC IMS clients supporting the same WebRTC codec, and the tax advisor’s subscription allows it, the bearer path is conveyed without protocol conversion, allowing Jane and the tax advisor to experience very high quality audio.

While discussing the tax issue, Jane and her tax advisor decide it would be helpful to share figures, calculations, and personal tax information. To do this securely, they select a secure chat line that utilizes the WebRTC end to end security.