H.6.1 Description

22.2283GPPRelease 16Service requirements for the Internet Protocol (IP) multimedia core network subsystem (IMS)Stage 1TS

Jane is doing her taxes using an online tool and encounters a complexity with which she would like some help. Her tax tool website includes a big red HELP button which connects her to a tax advisor associated with the tool. Associated with the HELP button is a link to a third-party WebRTC-based application that offers access to communications services facilitated by an IMS operator. The third-party WebRTC-based application provides a specialized application to the user such as a customer services portal for a tax advisor. In addition to being able to utilize IMS capabilities, the tax advisor has an agreement with their IMS operator to use a WebRTC based codec as its preferred audio codec and, as an enterprise service, to provide secure chat to communicate with WebRTC IMS client users. The IMS operator is able to convey the audio and chat session without bearer level protocol conversion which might interfere with quality and maintains the end to end security between Jane’s device and third party WebRTC-based application. Figure H.1 illustrates the configuration allowing end to end communication between WebRTC IMS clients.

Figure H.6-1 End to end WebRTC IMS communication