H.6.2 Pre-conditions

22.2283GPPRelease 16Service requirements for the Internet Protocol (IP) multimedia core network subsystem (IMS)Stage 1TS

Jane has a WebRTC capable browser on a device that supports a WebRTC codec and an end to end WebRTC security protocol.

Her tax advisor has a subscription with an IMS operator and provides a web site that provides access to a WebRTC-based portal to the IMS; the IMS does not support the WebRTC codec.

The tax advisor has a business relationship with the IMS operator that allows the tax advisor to incorporate access to specialized non-IMS capabilities (e.g., use of WebRTC codec, secure chat) into the features provided by the tax advisor’s WebRTC-based application.

The tax advisor’s web site provides customers the ability to select from various options (e.g., voice, chat, video, secure/unsecure channels) when they request online HELP.

The tax advisor has their WebRTC browser up and is registered with IMS and is able initiate services or to accept incoming sessions.