11.1 Service description (informative)

22.2283GPPRelease 16Service requirements for the Internet Protocol (IP) multimedia core network subsystem (IMS)Stage 1TS

Use cases and requirements for Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) are defined in [32]. The support of WebRTC IMS client access to IMS significantly expands the pool of clients able to access IMS.

The WebRTC IMS client access to IMS feature provides a means by which an IMS operator can offer IMS services to a user running a compatible WebRTC-enabled web application in their WebRTC-enabled browser. The user will access the application from a web page offered either directly by the IMS operator or by a third party.

The WebRTC IMS clients can access capabilities that may not be available in IMS, including use of WebRTC media capabilities without the need to convert to/from IMS protocols and end to end WebRTC security, subject to regulatory constraints. For example, in situations where data communications do not traverse the operator network, WebRTC media travels end to end between two WebRTC IMS clients without any protocol conversion. The media may then not be subject to the same regulatory constraints as communications that do traverse the operator network. In such cases, end to end security may be provided on the data stream as an optional service enhancement.