5.7.1 Description

22.2203GPPRelease 17Service requirements for Home Node B (HNB) and Home eNode B (HeNB)TS

Local IP Access provides access for IP capable UEs connected via a H(e)NB (i.e. using H(e)NB radio access) to other IP capable entities in the same residential/enterprise IP network. Data traffic for Local IP Access is expected to not traverse the mobile operator’s network except mobile operator network components in the residential/enterprise premises. Signaling traffic will continue to traverse the mobile operator network. The residential/enterprise IP network itself and the entities within that network are not within the scope of 3GPP standardisation.

NOTE: It is not precluded that a small amount of data traffic for Local IP Access (e.g. user packets that trigger paging) be forwarded via the mobile operator’s network, provided there is a trust relationship between the H(e)NB hosting party and the mobile operator.

scope of Local IP access

logical connection for mobile operator IP traffic



IP Network

Mobile operator’s




Local IP traffic

IP traffic to mobile operator’s CN