5.2 OA&M Requirements

22.2203GPPRelease 17Service requirements for Home Node B (HNB) and Home eNode B (HeNB)TS

  • H(e)NB shall support the automatic discovery of an operator’s management platform.
  • It shall be possible to make use of the operator’s management platform to carry out OA&M functions for H(e)NB. The management connection between H(e)NB and the operator’s management platform shall be end-to-end secure.
  • H(e)NB shall support OA&M procedures which allow the operator to remotely configure the H(e)NB, deploy software upgrades, detect and report changes in RF conditions and perform general OA&M tasks. The OA&M procedures shall be as closely aligned as possible with those that are commonly used in broadband access networks such as defined in TR-069 Amendment 2 [5].
  • If the connection between H(e)NB and the rest of the operator network is out of service, then it shall be possible within an operator’s defined time period for the H(e)NB to deactivate the air-interface.
  • When the H(e)NB Hosting Party authentication is required by the MNO, the H(e)NB shall not activate the air-interface unless the authentication of the H(e)NB Hosting Party has been performed successfully.