5.9 Selected IP Traffic Offload (SIPTO) at Local Networks

22.2203GPPRelease 17Service requirements for Home Node B (HNB) and Home eNode B (HeNB)TS

It shall be possible that a H(e)NB SubSystem supports Selected IP Traffic Offload to provide access for a UE connected via a H(e)NB (i.e. using H(e)NB radio access) to a defined IP network (e.g. the Internet). The following requirements apply to the H(e)NB SubSystem to support Selected IP Traffic Offload at the local residential/enterprise IP network:

  • Selected IP Traffic Offload shall be possible to be done without traversing the mobile operator network, subject to regulatory requirements.
  • The mobile operator and the H(e)NB Hosting Party, within the limits set by the mobile operator, shall be able to enable/disable Selected IP Traffic Offload per H(e)NB.

– Based on mobile operator SIPTO policies and configured user consent per APN, the network shall be able to offload traffic.

Note: There is a possibility that the user’s service experience will be different if the user’s traffic is offloaded via SIPTO at local residential/enterprise IP networks.

– The SIPTO policies may be defined per APN or per IP flow:

– SIPTO policies per APN indicate whether all traffic associated with a specific APN is subject to offload;

– SIPTO policies per IP flow are routing policies indicating which APN to use for a specific IP flow. The Operator may provide routing policies to the UE that assist the UE in routing the IP flows towards an appropriate APN. This is applicable for UE regardless of whether or not it has established IP connectivity to the local enterprise/residential network.

– The mobile operator shall be able to configure the SIPTO policies either statically or dynamically.

– Simultaneous connectivity from the UE to the mobile operator’s core network and to a defined IP network (e.g. the Internet) via a fixed residential/enterprise IP network using SIPTO shall be supported.

– Simultaneous access from the UE to PLMN services and to fixed services via a fixed residential/enterprise IP network using SIPTO shall be supported.

Requirements that are common with Selected IP Traffic Offload in the mobile operator networkcan be found in section 4.3.5 in [4].