A.1 Guidance for completing the ICS proforma

36.521-23GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)Part 2: Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS)Radio transmission and receptionRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification

A.1.1 Purposes and structure

The purpose of this ICS proforma is to provide a mechanism whereby a supplier of an implementation of the requirements defined in relevant specifications may provide information about the implementation in a standardised manner.

The ICS proforma is subdivided into clauses for the following categories of information:

– instructions for completing the ICS proforma;

– identification of the implementation;

– identification of the protocol;

– ICS proforma tables (for example: UE implementation types, Teleservices, etc).

A.1.2 Abbreviations and conventions

The ICS proforma contained in this annex is comprised of information in tabular form in accordance with the guidelines presented in ISO/IEC 9646‑7 [4].

Item column

The item column contains a number which identifies the item in the table.

Item description column

The item description column describes in free text each respective item (e.g. parameters, timers, etc.). It implicitly means "is <item description> supported by the implementation?".

Reference column

The reference column gives reference to the relevant 3GPP core specifications.

Release column

The release column indicates the earliest release from which the capability or option is relevant.

Comments column

This column is left blank for particular use by the reader of the present document.

References to items

For each possible item answer (answer in the support column) within the ICS proforma there exists a unique reference, used, for example, in the conditional expressions. It is defined as the table identifier, followed by a solidus character "/", followed by the item number in the table. If there is more than one support column in a table, the columns shall be discriminated by letters (a, b, etc.), respectively.

EXAMPLE 1: A.4.1-1/2 is the reference to the answer of item 2 in table A.4.1-1.

A.1.3 Instructions for completing the ICS proforma

The supplier of the implementation may complete the ICS proforma in each of the spaces provided. More detailed instructions are given at the beginning of the different clauses of the ICS proforma.