S.1 General

23.2033GPPPolicy and charging control architectureRelease 17TS

This annex specifies the enhancement to PCC framework for supporting policy and charging control in the fixed broadband access network in the convergent scenario where a single operator is deploying both the fixed broadband access network and the Evolved Packet Core (EPC).

The scope of this Annex is to define requirements for the convergent scenario where the PCRF controls directly the network element(s) in the fixed broadband access without the mediation of a different policy server, such as the BPCF defined in Annex P.

Policy and charging control is provided for both Non-seamless WLAN offload traffic from a 3GPP UE and fixed devices.

The work in this annex takes the fixed broadband accesses as specified by BroadBand Forum in TR-300 [37] as a reference.

NOTE 1: This does not preclude the applicability of the solutions described in this Annex to fixed broadband accesses not defined by Broadband Forum.

This annex is a realization of the main specification body for the Fixed Broadband Access IP-CAN. It describes only the exceptions and additions in respect to the main specification body, therefore, if not explicitly mentioned, the main specification body is applicable.

NOTE 2: Support for MPS Services and IMS Emergency is not specified in this Release.