6.2.4 Subscription Profile Repository (SPR)

23.2033GPPPolicy and charging control architectureRelease 17TS

The SPR logical entity contains all subscriber/subscription related information needed for subscription-based policies and IP‑CAN bearer level PCC rules by the PCRF. The SPR may be combined with or distributed across other databases in the operator’s network, but those functional elements and their requirements for the SPR are out of scope of this document.

NOTE 1: The SPR’s relation to existing subscriber databases is not specified in this Release.

The SPR may provide the following subscription profile information (per PDN, which is identified by the PDN identifier):

– Subscriber’s allowed services;

– For each allowed service, a pre-emption priority;

– Information on subscriber’s allowed QoS, including the Subscribed Guaranteed Bandwidth QoS;

– Subscriber’s charging related information (e.g. location information relevant for charging);

– Subscriber’s User CSG Information reporting rules;

– List of Presence Reporting Area identifiers and optionally the elements for one or more of the Presence Reporting Areas;

– Subscriber category;

– Subscriber’s usage monitoring related information;

– MPS EPS Priority and MPS Priority Level;

– IMS Signalling Priority;

– Subscriber’s profile configuration indicating whether application detection and control can be enabled.

– Spending limits profile containing an indication that policy decisions are based on policy counters available at OCS that has a spending limit associated with it and optionally the list of policy counters.

The SPR may provide the following sponsored data connectivity profile information:

– A list of Application Service Providers and their applications per sponsor identity.

NOTE 2: The sponsored data connectivity profile may be locally configured at the PCRF.

If the IMS Signalling Priority is set, it indicates that the IMS Signalling Bearer and the Default Bearer are assigned ARP appropriate for MPS at the time of the establishment of the PDN connection for IMS, i.e. EPS Attach or PDN Connectivity Request.

The SPR may provide the following policy information related to an ASP (see clause 6.1.16):

– The ASP identifier;

– A transfer policy together with a reference ID, the volume of data to be transferred per UE, the expected amount of UEs and the network area information.

NOTE 3: The information related to an ASP is only available in the SPR after being stored by the PCRF as described in clauses 6.1.16 and 7.11.1.

NOTE 4: A transfer policy is only valid until the end of its time window. The removal of outdated transfer policies from the SPR is up to implementation.