6.2.5 Online Charging System

23.2033GPPPolicy and charging control architectureRelease 17TS

The Online Charging System (OCS) performs online credit control functions as specified in TS 32.240 [3].

The OCS may trigger the PCEF to initiate an IP‑CAN bearer service termination at any point in time.

NOTE: As the OCS performs the credit control per charging key basis (and thus has not necessarily the knowledge about the existence of any specific service/application), it is recommended to use different charging keys for any service/application that shall not be unintentionally interrupted.

There may be several OCSs in a PLMN. The default OCS addresses (i.e. the primary address and secondary address) shall be locally pre-configured within the PCEF and TDF. OCS addresses may also be passed once per IP‑CAN session or TDF session from the PCRF to the PCEF or TDF. The OCS addresses provided by the PCRF shall have a higher priority than the pre-configured ones.