7.10 Short Message deferred delivery

23.1423GPPInterface and signalling flowRelease 17TSValue-added Services for SMS (VAS4SMS)

Short Message Deferred Delivery service allows the user to set the short message delivery time. In this case the VAS AS checks that the originating user has activated the short message deferred delivery service. The VAS AS shall store the short message and set the timer to deferred delivery time. The short message should be sent when the timer times out. The deferred delivery time should be determined by the originating user. The service procedure refers to the general flow for VAS SMS which described in the previous clause 7.0.

NOTE 1: Short message deferred delivery time can be set in many ways by the originating user, e.g. via Ut interface.

NOTE 2:.Deferred delivery capability may be provide in SMS Node, however it is out of the scope of this specification.