4 VAS-SMS service requirements

23.1423GPPInterface and signalling flowRelease 17TSValue-added Services for SMS (VAS4SMS)

4.1 General description of VAS-SMS service requirements

As defined in 3GPP TS 22.142[2], the VAS4SMS is an operator specific service by which an operator enables the subscriber to experience some value-added service features for SMS.

VAS4SMS features that were defined in stage 1 include:

1) Short Message Forwarding

2) Short Message Forwarding Multiple Subscriptions

3) Short Message Filtering

4) Short Message Receipt

5) Short Message Network Storage

6) Short Message to Multiple Destinations

7) Short Message Virtual Private Network (VPN)

8) Short Message Auto Reply

9) Short Message Personal Signature

10) Short Message Deferred Delivery

VAS4SMS should not negatively affect the normal SMS communication between calling and called parties.

The service subscriber is able to subscribe to the VAS4SMS service, activate (or de-activate) the service, and update the settings, e.g., to change by configure the personalized service related information. The personalized service information can consist of message signature, the forwarding destination address and message contents for auto reply, etc.

The VAS4SMS subscriber is able to refine the VAS4SMS behaviour with configured rules, e.g. time, the identity of the calling party, the SMS forwarding service is able to act according to the rules.

VAS4SMS is either a terminating network or originating network service. That is, VAS4SMS can be used by the calling and called subscribers.

In general, services offered by the sender’s VAS4SMS occur prior to the SMS delivering to the recipient’s operation.

4.2 Operational requirements

4.2.1 VAS-SMS Provision/withdrawal General

The VAS4SMS may be provided after prior arrangement with the service provider.

The VAS4SMS may be provided/withdrawn upon the subscriber’s request or for administrative reasons. Requirements on the originating network side

A VAS4SMS application server in the originating network is required to be under the control of the SMS-SC that is serving a calling subscriber who has activated VAS4SMS. Requirements on the terminating network side

A VAS4SMS application server in the terminating network is required to be under the control of the SMS-Route that is serving a called subscriber who has activated VAS4SMS.