6 VAS-SMS service provisioning, activation & deactivation, configuration

23.1423GPPInterface and signalling flowRelease 17TSValue-added Services for SMS (VAS4SMS)

6.1 Activation/deactivation

The VAS-SMS service is activated at provisioning and deactivated at withdrawal.

A subscriber can subscribe all the VAS-SMS service features as a whole or make the subscription to every feature separately, which is subject to operator’s policy. When a VAS-SMS service is activated, a subscriber can specify some configuration for each subscribed service feature, such as the destination address which short messages shall be forwarded to.

After a subscriber has activated their VAS-SMS service, all short messages related to him shall be handled according to his service configuration.

6.2 Configuration

Different methods may be provided for configuration of VAS-SMS service, e.g. such as short message, IVR and etc. It is out of the scope of this document to specify the configuration procedure itself.