G.3 Element attributes

23.0403GPPRelease 17Technical realization of the Short Message Service (SMS)TS

Each element has a number of attributes such as pen color, fill color and line width used for stroking. The following elements Line, polygon, shape and text elements have the listed attributes.

Line width: 3 levels (fine, medium, thick). Default is fine.

Line style: 4 types (solid, dash, dot and reserved). Default is solid.

Pencolor and fill color.

Line Width:

There are 4 line width settings defined, namely "No Line", "Fine", "Medium" and "Thick". No specific width is defined for "Fine", "Medium" and "Thick". Recommended line widths are 1% or one pixel, 2% and 4% of the shorter dimension of the drawing. Line width for "Fine", "Medium" and "Thick" should be at least 1 pixel. E.g., in a 120 x 80 pixel screen, the line width may appear as 1 pixel, 2 pixels and 3 pixels.

Line Type:

Dash Line: a dash line should start with a solid segment of the line. The length of the solid segments is recommended to be 4 to 6 times of the line width. The space between two solid segments is recommended to be 3-4 times of the line width.

Dotted Line: a dotted line is a string of circular dot on the path of a line. It is recommended that the diameter of rounded dot is same as the line width. The space between two dots shall be between 1 to 2 dot diameters.

Line Cap:

Line cap is Circular.

Line Joint:

Line joint is Round for line joint.