E.8 2-bit greyscale bitmap animation

23.0403GPPRelease 17Technical realization of the Short Message Service (SMS)TS

The user-black and white animation is integrated in the Extended Object IE is structured as follows:

Octet 8 Horizontal dimension of picture.
This octet shall contain the horizontal number of pixels.

Octet 9 Vertical dimension of picture.
This octet shall contain the vertical number of pixels.

Octet 10 The number of frames in the animation.

Octet 11 Animation control byte.



7 – 4

Frame display. The value (in tenths of a second) that is requested between each frame: 0000 1 tenth (i.e. 0.1s) 1111 16 tenths (i.e. 1.6 s)

3 – 0

Repeat value. The requested number of repetitions of the animation: 0000 Unlimited repetition 0001 1 repetition 1111 15 repetitions

Octet 12..n Contains a series of bitstreams encoding 2 bit pixel depth bitmaps as defined in F.4. If a frame in the animation would require fill bits (as described in F.4) these shall be contained at the end of the frame such that the bit-stream for the next frame begins on an octet boundary.