4.2A VCSG Location Cancellation

23.0123GPPLocation management proceduresRelease 17TS

4.2A.1 Detailed procedure in the VLR

4.2A.1.1 Process Cancel_VCSG Location_VLR

The procedure Check_Parameters is specified in 3GPP TS 23.018 [5a].

Figure 4.2A.1.1 (Sheet 1 of 1): Process Cancel_VCSG_Location_VLR

4.2A.2 Detailed procedure in the CSS

4.2A.2.1 Process Cancel_VCSG Location

If the CSS determines to delete the registration of the MS which does not have the valid CSG subscription data, the CSS shall send the Cancel VCSG Location to the VLR.

NOTE: How the CSS determines when to remove the registration of the MS is implementation dependent.

Figure 4.2A.2.1: Process Cancel_Location_CSS