4.3 Detach IMSI

23.0123GPPLocation management proceduresRelease 17TS

4.3.1 Detailed procedure in the MSC Process Detach_IMSI_MSC

Figure (Sheet 1 of 1): Process Detach_IMSI_MSC

4.3.2 Detailed procedure in the VLR Process Detach_IMSI_VLR

The signal "Authenticated Radio Contact Terminated" is sent to Process Detach_IMSI_VLR from RR handling in the MSC whenever authenticated radio contact is terminated, e.g. at the release of a call.

The procedure "Notify_gsmSCF" is specified in 3GPP TS 23.078 [11]. The "Notify" parameter indicates whether the IMSI detach was explicit or implicit.

Figure (Sheet 1 of 1): Process Detach_IMSI_VLR