4.1.4 Detailed procedure in the CSS

23.0123GPPLocation management proceduresRelease 17TS Process Update_VCSG_Location_CSS

The Update_VCSG_Location_CSS process takes place when the VLR needs to register the MS with the CSS and retrieve the CSG Subscription Data of the MS from the CSS.

The CSS receives an Update VCSG Location Request from the VLR.

If the MS is unknown in the CSS, and if the CSS supports creating the temporary empty subscription data for the MS, the CSS should create subscription data and sends successful update VCSG Location ACK message, otherwise the CSS shall sends a negative Update VCSG Location response message.

If the MS is known in the CSS, the CSS stores the received VLR number and initiates the Process Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data _CSS and at the end of the process acknowledges the Update VCSG Location request by sending an Update VCSG Location ACK message to the VLR.

Figure (sheet 1 of 1): Process Update_VCSG_Location_CSS Procedure Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data_CSS

Whenever the CSG subscription data is changed for a MS in the CSS, and the changes affect the CSG subscription data stored in the VLR, the CSS initiates the Procedure Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data_CSS.

The Procedure Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data_CSS is also triggered by the Update_VCSG_Location_CSS process as specified in clause

When executing this procedure, the CSS sends an Insert VCSG Subscriber Data Request containing the CSG Subscription Data of the MS to the VLR and waits for the response from the VLR.

If the VLR successfully updates the received CSG Subscription Data from the CSS, it acknowledges the Insert VCSG Subscriber Data Request by returning an Insert VCSG Subscriber Data Ack. The CSS may wait for each request to be acknowledged before it ends the procedure.

If the CSS receives a negative response from the VLR, it sets the result with failure cause and ends this procedure.

Figure (sheet 1 of 2): Procedure Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data_CSS

Figure (sheet 2 of 2): Procedure Insert_VCSG_Subs_Data_CSS