8 Electrical Man Machine Interface (EMMI)

36.5093GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC)Release 17Special conformance testing functions for User Equipment (UE)TS

The EMMI is used for automation of conformance testing, or, in the case of V2X testing for facilitating the UE test loop mode E operation and UTC time reset in out-of-coverage test scenarios.

For test automation, the commands used on the EMMI by the System Simulator, shall be limited to those specified in TS 36.523-3 [32]. For facilitating the UE test loop mode E operation and UTC time reset in V2X out-of-coverage test scenarios the AT commands which are used are indicated wherever appropriate in the present specification. An illustration is given in figure 8-1 as an example.

NOTE: A connection diagram for V2X Communication / Intra-band contiguous MCC operation (common connectors, same UL antenna) is specified in TS 36.508 [26], figures A.89a and A.92.

At the System Simulator side, the logical EMMI using mandatory AT commands shall interface with the Main Test Component (MTC) of TTCN test cases which hosts the Upper Tester. The physical EMMI interface towards the UE may be for example a standard USB interface. Other interfaces of proprietary or standardized type shall not be precluded.

At the UE side an adapter needs to be provided by the UE manufacturer for converting the commands into the UE manufacturer specific interface and format.

The use of EMMI is optional for the UE.

Figure 8-1: An example of EMMI and its use for automation of signalling testing or V2X out-of-coverage test scenarios