4 UE special conformance test functions

36.5093GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC)Release 17Special conformance testing functions for User Equipment (UE)TS

4.1 General description

The SS performs activation and deactivation of the conformance test functions in the UE by sending Security Protected NAS Layer 3 messages or AT commands. Apart from sending the appropriate deactivation command to the UE the functions shall be deactivated by:

switching off the UE; or

by removing the USIM.

The following special UE conformance testing functions can be activated (and deactivated):

– UE test loop function;

– Electrical Man Machine Interface (EMMI).

The following Test Control (TC) procedures are used to control the UE test loop function:

– Close UE test loop;

– Open UE test loop.

4.2 Requirements for UE support of test functions

Whether or not a particular test function should be supported by the UE for facilitating the UE conformance testing is explicitly indicated throughout the present specification. The use of the word "mandatory" in the present specification shall be understood as a particular requirement being mandatory for performing UE conformance testing.