A.3 PlantUML code for Figure 7.2.2-1: Inheritance Hierarchy for AI/ML model training related NRMs

28.1053GPPArtificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML) managementManagement and orchestrationRelease 17TS


skinparam ClassStereotypeFontStyle normal

skinparam ClassBackgroundColor White

skinparam shadowing false

skinparam monochrome true

hide members

hide circle

‘skinparam maxMessageSize 250

class Top <<InformationObjectClass>>

class ManagedFunction <<InformationObjectClass>>

class MLTrainingFunction <<InformationObjectClass>>

class MLTrainingRequest <<InformationObjectClass>>

class MLTrainingProcess <<InformationObjectClass>>

class MLTrainingReport <<InformationObjectClass>>

ManagedFunction <|– MLTrainingFunction

Top <|– MLTrainingRequest

Top <|– MLTrainingProcess

Top <|– MLTrainingReport


Annex B (normative):
OpenAPI definition of the AI/ML NRM