4.2.8 TrCH multiplexing

25.2123GPPMultiplexing and channel coding (FDD)Release 17TS

Every 10 ms, one radio frame from each TrCH is delivered to the TrCH multiplexing. These radio frames are serially multiplexed into a coded composite transport channel (CCTrCH).

The bits input to the TrCH multiplexing are denoted by , where i is the TrCH number and Vi is the number of bits in the radio frame of TrCH i. The number of TrCHs is denoted by I. The bits output from TrCH multiplexing are denoted by , where S is the number of bits, i.e. . The TrCH multiplexing is defined by the following relations:

k = 1, 2, …, V1

k = V1+1, V1+2, …, V1+V2

k = (V1+V2)+1, (V1+V2)+2, …, (V1+V2)+V3

k = (V1+V2+…+VI-1)+1, (V1+V2+…+VI-1)+2, …, (V1+V2+…+VI-1)+VI