25.1113GPPLocation Measurement Unit (LMU) performance specificationRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) positioning in UTRAN

In order to ensure correctness and consistency of the specifications (i.e., technical specifications and technical reports) under responsibility of the Technical Specification Groups (TSG) of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), clear, manageable and efficient mechanisms are necessary to handle version control, change control, document updating, distribution and management.

Also, the fact that the specifications are/will be implemented by industry almost in parallel with the writing of them requires strict and fast procedures for handling of changes to the specifications.

It is very important that the changes that are brought into the standard, from the past, at present and in the future, are well documented and controlled, so that technical consistency and backwards tracing are ensured.

The 3GPP TSGs, and their sub-groups together with the Support Team are responsible for the technical content and consistency of the specifications whilst the Support Team alone is responsible for the proper management of the entire documentation, including specifications, meeting documents, administrative information and information exchange with other bodies.