7.2.5 Supplementary services procedures

23.1193GPPGateway Location Register (GLR)Release 17Stage 2TS

Activation, deactivation, registration, erasure, and interrogation are the procedures involving the interface between the VLR and the HLR related to the control of state of the supplementary services. Also Registration of password and use of password are the procedures involving the interface. Additionally, Unstructured SS Data service and CCBS includes the procedure involving the interface. If the GLR is located between the HLR and the VLR, the GLR relays the messages between HLR and VLR of the procedures transparently.

The registration procedure involving the GLR is described in figure 7.2/19 as a typical case. The following procedures are the similar to the registration procedure. Each step is explained in the following list.

Figure 7.2/19: Register SS


1. When the VLR receives a service indication of registration of SS data, such as a Forwarded-to-Number, the VLR sends a Register SS message.

2. The GLR transfers the received message to the HLR.

3. The GLR receives the acknowledgement from the HLR.

4. The GLR transfers the received message to the VLR.