7.2.3 Authentication Information Retrieval procedure ARRI

23.1193GPPGateway Location Register (GLR)Release 17Stage 2TS

The Authentication Information Retrieval procedure is illustrated in figure 7.2/16. Each step is explained in the following list.

Figure 7.2/16: Send Authentication Info


1. When the VLR receives a service indication concerning a location registration, call set-up, operation on a supplementary service to initiate authentication. The VLR sends a Send Authentication Info message to the GLR in order to retrieve the authentication information.

2. The GLR transfers the received message to the HLR.

3. When the GLR receives the response with authentication information for the user from the HLR, it transports to the VLR.

4. The VLR receives the authentication information of user by the response of Send Authentication Info message.