5 CS QoS in release 1999

23.1073GPPQuality of Service (QoS) concept and architectureRelease 17TS

For UMTS release ’99 CS-CC, the QoS related bearer definitions of GSM (as defined in bearer capability information element, octet 6 and its extensions) are sufficient.

Based on the Bearer Capability information element the following services can be identified:

a) speech: from the Information Transfer Capability (ITC) parameter;

b) data, non-transparent: from the ITC and Connection element (CE) parameters;

c) data, transparent: from the ITC and CE parameters.

For each of the above services, associated call control parameters, including the Bearer Capability information element, can be considered to define the UMTS bearer service.

The further mapping to Radio Access Bearer attributes is done according to the principles described in clause 8.

NOTE: The mapping from GSM CC to UMTS RAB attributes is in the responsibility of CN WG1 and CN WG3.