3 Definitions and Abbreviations

23.1073GPPQuality of Service (QoS) concept and architectureRelease 17TS

For the purpose of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

3G 3rd Generation

AMR Adaptive Multirate speech codec

ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

BER Bit Error Rate

BS Bearer Service

CC Call Control

CN Core Network

CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check

CS Circuit Switched

DTX Discontinuous Transmission

FDD Frequency Division Duplex

FER Frame Erasure Ratio

FTP File Transfer Protocol

GERAN GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network

GPRS General Packet Radio Service

GSM Global System for Mobile Communication

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force

IP Internet Protocol

ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

MO Mobile Originating Call

MPEG Moving Pictures Expert Group

MT Mobile Terminal

MTC Mobile Terminated Call

NS Network Service

PDP Packet Data Protocol

PDU Protocol Data Unit

PS Packet Switched

PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network

QoS Quality of Service

RA Routing Area

RAB Radio Access Bearer

RAN Radio Access Network

RLC Radio Link Control

RSVP Resource Reservation Protocol

RT Real Time

RTP Real Time Transport Protocol

SAP Service Access Point

SDU Service Data Unit

SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node

SLA Service Level Agreement

SMS Short Message Service

SVC Switched Virtual Circuit

UDP User Datagram Protocol

TBC Token Bucket Counter

TDD Time Division Duplex

TE Terminal Equipment

TSPEC Traffic Specification

UE User Equipment

UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunication System

UTRA UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access

UTRAN UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network