7.9 Interaction with other services

23.0973GPPMultiple Subscriber Profile (MSP) Phase 2Release 17Stage 2TS

7.9.1 The Multi-Numbering Scheme

If the MSP subscriber has different MSISDNs allocated for different Basic Services, all MSISDNs and associated Basic Services will be stored in the HLR. Each MSISDN and associated Basic Services will also be stored in the gsmSCF with associated profile ID.

7.9.2 The Short Message Service

Mobile terminated short messages can be received on any profile although the profile will not be indicated to the user.

It shall be possible to select a profile for mobile originated short messages. If a profile is explicitly selected, the MO short message will be sent by and charged to the selected profile. If a profile is not explicitly selected, the MO short message will be sent by and charged to the registered profile.

7.9.3 Interactions with CAMEL

An MSP subscriber will, by definition, have a CAMEL subscription.

If other CAMEL services are designed in such a way that an MSP subscriber can use them, they will be available to the MSP subscriber. It is a network option to design CAMEL services that interact with MSP.

7.9.4 Interactions with OR

The GMSC in the Interrogating PLMN (IPLMN) needs to support CAMEL Phase 2 capability if the called subscriber is an MSP subscriber.

If an interrogation request is received for an MSP subscriber from a GMSC in the IPLMN that does not support the CAMEL Phase 2 capability, the HLR shall return an OR not allowed negative response (see 3G TS 23.079) to the GMSC. This will force the call to be routed to a GMSC supporting CAMEL Phase 2 capabilitity in the HPLMN.

7.9.5 Operator Determined Barring

ODB, as described in 3G TS 23.015, can only be provisioned per subscriber.

A service, implemented in the gsmSCF equivalent to the ODB service will be available for an MSP subscriber per profile. This is described in clause 7.11.3: Operator Determined Barring (ODB); it requires the mechanism described in clause 6.2: ODB flags..

Outgoing ODB for the default profile will be stored in the HLR for use when the subscriber roams into a non-supporting network, see clause 7.11.3: Roaming into a network not supporting CAMEL Phase 2 for further details.

7.9.6 Roaming Restrictions

Roaming Restrictions will apply per subscriber. Data for the Roaming Restrictions will be stored in the HLR in the usual manner.