4 Features needed to support MSP Phase 2

23.0973GPPMultiple Subscriber Profile (MSP) Phase 2Release 17Stage 2TS

CAMEL Phase 3 is a pre-requisite for MSP Phase 2.

The following CAMEL Phase 3 features are used for MSP Phase 2:

– SII2;

– MO SMS interaction;

– T-BCSM in the VMSC;

– SS-CSI Invocation Notification for CCBS;

– Any Time Modification;

– CUG Handling.

The following CAMEL Phase 2 features are used for MSP Phase 2:

– Network Indication of Alerting pattern;

– Event detection points;

– USSD Interaction;

– Control of Call Duration;

– SS-CSI Invocation Notification for CD;

– Furnish Charging Information.