5.3 Configuration of CAMEL entities

23.0023GPPNetwork architectureRelease 17TS

The following figure shows the interconnection of the CAMEL-specific entities with the rest of the network. Only the interfaces specifically involved in CAMEL provisioning are shown, i.e. all the GMSC, MSC, SGSN and HLR interfaces depicted in figure 1 are still supported by these entities even if not shown. CAMEL is not supported for Eā€‘UTRAN access.

NOTE: Most CAMEL-specific interfaces have no particular name. They are designated by the name of the two entities they link together, e.g. "the gsmSSF-gsmSCF interface".

Figure 4: configuration of CAMEL entities

The bold lines are used for interfaces supporting user data only, the dashed lines are used for interfaces supporting signalling only.