5.16 Configuration of Charging related entities

23.0023GPPNetwork architectureRelease 17TS

The general configuration for common charging architecture for 3GPP defined entities is shown in figure 5.16 as defined in TS 32.240 [85]. This common charging architecture provides a logical view and the actual domain / service / subsystem specific charging architecture depends on the domain / service / subsystem in question. The physical mapping of the common logical architecture onto each domain, subsystem or service is described in the respective charging specifications, i.e. the TSs 32.25x, 32.26x and 32.27x number range.

3GPP networks provide functions that implement offline and/or online charging mechanisms on the bearer (e.g. EPC), subsystem (e.g. IMS) and service (e.g. MMS) levels. In order to support these charging mechanisms, the network performs real-time monitoring of resource usage on the above three levels in order to detect the relevant chargeable events.

In offline charging, the resource usage is reported from the network to the Billing Domain after the resource usage has occurred. In online charging, a subscriber account, located in an Online Charging System, is queried prior to granting permission to use the requested network resource(s).

Offline and online charging may be performed simultaneously and independently for the same chargeable event.

Figure 5.16: Logical ubiquitous charging architecture