8 Charging

22.1403GPPMultimedia Messaging Service (MMS)Stage 1TS

The MMS shall be able to support various charging models, including:

– Sender pays;

– both Sender and Recipient pay their respective charges for message delivery;

– Recipient pays for receipt of messages from a VASP when there is a commercial agreement between the Recipient and the VASP;

– Sender pays for reply message on a per message basis.

– The third party who has a commercial agreement with the VASP (and possibly additional agreement with the operator and/or recipient) is charged for the delivery of the message to the recipient.

The MMS shall be able to support various charging mechanisms. The following charging characteristics may be considered:

– message types, length, storage time in the network, etc,

– delivering time, upload / download method,

– MM-sender / -recipient,

– number of messages sent,

– number of messages received,

– roaming conditions,

– location conditions,

– Indication of charging,

The MMS indicates to the recipient prior to the recipient downloading a multi media message whether the sender has paid or the recipient is expected to pay for the message.

– Prepaid subscriptions.

– Bearer of the message

The MMS shall support a standardized interface to transfer CDRs and other charging related information between the MMS system and the billing system for prepaid and postpaid billing solutions.