1 Scope

22.1403GPPMultimedia Messaging Service (MMS)Stage 1TS

This Technical Specification defines the stage one description of the non real-time Multimedia Messaging Service, MMS. Stage one is the set of requirements which shall be supported for the provision of non real-time multimedia messaging service, seen primarily from the subscriber’s and service providers’ points of view.

This TS includes information applicable to network operators, service providers, terminal and network manufacturers.

This TS contains the core requirements for the Multimedia Messaging Service, which are sufficient to provide a complete service.

This TS defines the requirements for MMS to be understood as a framework to enable non real-time transmissions for different types of media including such functionality as:

– multiple media elements per single message

– individual handling of message elements

– different delivery methods for each message element

– negotiate different terminal and network MM capabilities

– notification and acknowledgement of MM related events (e.g. delivery, deletion, …)

– handling of undeliverable MM

– personalised MMS configuration

– flexible charging

The above list is not exhaustive.

Thus the MMS enables a unified application which integrates the composition, storage, access, and delivery of different kinds of media, e.g. text, voice, image or video in combination with additional mobile requirements.