9 UE application execution environment requirements

22.0573GPPMobile Execution Environment (MExE)Service descriptionStage 1TS

9.1 UE platform independence

In order to support the objectives of MExE, the ME and SIM/USIM is required to have an architecture capable of supporting applications, applets and content in a standardised execution environment, independently of the MExE UE manufacturer.

As this specification is not required to propose a specific technology, it identifies the common platform requirements from the service subscriber’s and user’s standpoint.

The limitations of small devices may result in the provision of the full application execution environment only being available in sophisticated devices.

The high level execution environment requirements are identified in the subsequent subclauses.

9.2 Document mark-up language and other coding formats

In order to cater for a wide variety of ME’s with different display and input capabilities, support for both the standard Internet mark-up language and a content description language optimised for small display devices of low bandwidth bearers shall be defined with the MExE specifications. Both languages may be implemented on any MExE UE. Standardised ways of coding content (i.e. images, phonebook, calendar etc.) shall be defined, however the support of such standardised content coding is optional.

In order to facilitate global use of MExE services, a standardised range of character sets for MExE services requires to be defined, and the capabilities of the user and applications to use them.

9.3 MExE APIs

MExE APIs may be defined covering aspects (e.g. Network APIs, Non-network API’s, Terminal APIs etc.) within a given MExE Classmark of MExE UE (ME an/or SIM/USIM), and the MExE UE shall support a core API to support the execution of MExE executables. The core API is a the minimal set of API that is present on all MExE UE’s, providing the MExE execution environment in which applications and applets can execute, and is known as the Core MExE API. The Core MExE API consists of generic and 3GPP specific aspects.

Applications and applets which have been designed to execute in this Core MExE API environment (and the optional MExE APIs subsequently identified), will provide additional functions to the MExE UE.

In addition to the Core MExE API on an MExE UE, standardised MExE API extensions such as Network API (e.g. access to session control services, SUE etc.), Non-network 3GPP-defined services API (e.g. security aspects, SIM/USIM phonebook etc.), Terminal API (e.g. power management, access to alerting function, phonebook, MMI, smartcard access etc.),shall be subsequently defined and may be supported by the MExE UE in order to further exploit the system capabilities.

The standardised MExE API extensions shall include access to mobility information.