3 Definitions and abbreviations

22.0573GPPMobile Execution Environment (MExE)Service descriptionStage 1TS

3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of this 3GPP TS the following definitions apply:

applet: a small programme that is intended not to be run on its own, but rather to be embedded inside another application

application: MExE information in the form of software, scripts, applications, associated resources (e.g. libraries) and/or data

content: data and/or information associated with, or independent of, a particular application which may be presented to or collected from a user

MExE Classmark: a MExE Classmark identifies a category of MExE UE supporting MExE functionality with a minimum level of processing, memory, display and interactive capabilities. Several MExE Classmarks may be defined to differentiate between the functionalities offered by different MExE UE’s. A MExE executable defined as being of a specific MExE Classmark indicates that it is supportable by a MExE UE of that Classmark.

MExE server: a node supporting MExE services in the MExE service environment

MExE service: a service enhanced (or made possible) by MExE technology

MExE service environment: Depending on the configuration of the PLMN, the operator may be able to offer support to MExE services in various ways. Examples of possible sources are from traditional 3GPP network nodes, IN nodes, operator-specific nodes, operator-franchised nodes and services provider nodes, together with access to nodes external (i.e. vendor-specific) to the PLMN depending on the nature of the MExE service. These nodes are considered to constitute the MExE service environment. The MExE service environment shall support direct MExE UE to MExE UE interaction of MExE services.

MExE service provider: an organisation which delivers MExE services to the subscriber. This is normally the PLMN operator, but could be an organisation with MExE responsibility (which may have been delegated by the PLMN operator).

MExE subscriber: the owner of a subscription who has entered into an agreement with a MExE service provider for MExE services. Access to MExE services though other types of networks is out of scope of this specification.

subscriber: the term subscriber in the context of this 3GPP TS refers to a MExE subscriber

user: the user of an MExE UE , who may or may not be the subscriber.

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of this 3GPP TS the following abbreviations apply:

API Application Programming Interface

CS Circuit Switched

FFS For Further Study

IN Intelligent Network

ME Mobile Equipment

MExE Mobile Execution Environment

MMI Man Machine Interface

UENO Network Operator

PLMN Public Land Mobile Network

SIM Subscriber Identity Module

UE User Equipment

USIM Universal Subscriber Identity Module

SP Service Provider

Further related abbreviations are given in TR 21.905 [1].