8 Network interface requirements

(U)SIM Application Toolkit (USAT)22.0383GPPRelease 17Service descriptionStage 1TS

8.1 USAT/Network interaction

USAT/Network interaction is required such that the USAT and the network can bi-directionally exchange data through the ME, employing any of the transport mechanisms defined in the section "USAT data exchange capabilities requirements".

8.2 Communication control capability

The communication control capability is a mechanism whereby the use of communication resources is either initiated by the USAT application or modified by the USAT application subsequent to a user action. If supported by the ME, the ME shall, at the time of the user initiated communication request, inform the UICC of the current cell location identity. The UICC shall indicate to the ME if the presentation of information (display, tones etc.) shall be restricted to the explicit presentation of USAT supplied information or if it is required to present standard PLMN information (e.g. network responses) in addition to the USAT supplied information.

It shall be possible for the UICC:

  • to initiate and terminate a (UICC initiated) communication request with or without explicit confirmation by the user
  • to allow, bar or modify a communication request initiated by the user
  • to replace a user initiated communication request by another communication request (e.g. replace call request by an SS action etc.).

It shall be possible for the SAT/USAT serving environment to enable/disable the communication control capability. As an option, dependant on the subscribers subscription and the application, the user may enable/disable the communication control capability via a SAT/USAT serving environment and/or under the control of the Network Operator. The user shall be notified by the ME in case network service is lost as the result of disabling the communication control capability.

The communication control capability applies to all mobile originated requests independent of the applicable data exchange capability. Explicitly it applies to voice calls, IMS based communications and to all services listed in the section "USAT data exchange capabilities requirements" (e.g. SMS, supplementary service, circuit switched connection, packet switched connection, etc.).

8.3 Service Interworking requirements

The USAT application shall be able to use all PLMN services and supplementary services (SS) including those functions available to the user via the standardized MMI (e.g. 2 SEND for Call Hold). Only the originator (i.e. either user or USAT application) of the action shall directly receive the results/responses of that action (e.g. network response to an SCI). Optionally under user control the ME may display the individual actions/responses.