5 High level USAT requirements

(U)SIM Application Toolkit (USAT)22.0383GPPRelease 17Service descriptionStage 1TS

The requirements described in the present document apply independently of the UICC/ME interfaces described in TS 31.101 [1]. However, this may imply different technical implementations of these requirements depending on the used interface (e.g. ISO or HSP), in order to optimize the USAT implementation.

The high level requirements of USAT are as follows:-

– provide the user with additional user interface functionalities to control and invoke services (e.g. menus, icons, etc.) ;

– to provide means for the user to personalize applications by means of parameters, if such parameters are made available by the application;

– provide support of a wide variety of applications;

– provide the means for USAT to interact with the user via the input and output devices of the ME;

– the means to transfer applications automatically or on demand to the USIM from a USAT server, and upgrade existing applications via the PLMN;

– the means to transfer content automatically or on demand to or from the USIM from or to a USAT server;

– the means to transfer content directly from one USAT application to a second UE with a USAT application via the PLMN;

– the need for an inherent security architecture such that it shall be possible for both the USAT and USAT server sides of a connection to be authenticated (possibly implicitly by the use of digital signature or ciphering). The USAT server shall maintain security of subscribers’ personal data and PLMN data;

– it shall be possible to charge subscribers for the use of PLMN or third party USAT services;

– the means for USAT applications on the USIM to communicate with other PLMN nodes;

– the means for the ME and USIM to exchange USAT capability information;

– provision of USAT API(s) to facilitate the development and downloading of USAT applications;

– It may be possible for the user to activate and deactivate the USIM/SIM application execution environment; in this case the ME shall initiate a new USIM session.- the means for the network operator to provide and manage the USAT execution environment resources and also to provide and manage (i.e. identify version, activate, de-activate, delete, modify, download etc.) the applications;

– the means for the USAT application to fully control the display of all actions and network-responses related to the operation of the application. Optionally under user control the ME may display the individual actions/responses;

– the means for the USAT application to control the PLMN services/supplementary services and IP multimedia services via the standardized MMI. Only the originator (i.e. either user or USAT application) of the action shall directly receive the results/responses of that action (e.g. network response to an SCI). Optionally under user control the ME may display the individual actions/responses.

– provide the user with additional user interface functionality to control and invoke IP multimedia services

Some of the above requirements are subsequently elaborated.